Female Viagra

What is Female Viagra?

Currently, there isn’t any drug licensed that is equivalent to this medication for use by females. Many online websites indulge in advertising what is known as "Female Viagra Online". The term "Female Viagra" has to do with the promising of selling herbal supplements responsible for increasing libido or sexual pleasure. Nevertheless, the reality is that these so-called drugs re not licensed by any authority, illegal and have the tendency of containing harmful substances. No evidence has been given regarding these herbal remedies in heightening sexual pleasure or improving sexual dysfunction in both men and women. It is, therefore, important for you to never buy medications sold online without proper authorization and prescription by a health care provider or doctor. Buying drugs online is one of the simplest ways of jeopardizing your overall health condition.

The newest drug to hit the market is the woman's Viagra. This could be considered a huge part of the large campaign that would be a scam and a deception to the woman who are seeking the help for very specific purposes. There are claims that Viagra for the women are effective and viable have been tested by the labs all over this country and have all gotten negative results. The government has even intervened in the selling and distribution of the alleged woman's Viagra. Basically, the findings that are regarding the drug have resulted in the conclusion it could not be applicable to women and has none of the qualities of the sexual stimulant that claimed to be very effective for the woman.

The woman's Viagra has been truly examined and also was considered to being very hazardous in so many different ways. The woman's Viagra is replicated from a licensed and very legally sold Viagra for men. The original drug Viagra works in men's body by being able to stimulate the blood flow to their penis which results in an erection and the hardening. This can only happen in men due to the fact that women lack the receptors and any ability to get sexually stimulated in this manner. The fact is that Viagra can only be effective in stimulating a penile erection. It’s totally useless when it would be taken by a woman.

Female Viagra

The woman's Viagra examined and very analyzed by the huge reputable drug companies along with the government authorities. It does turn out that woman's Viagra is exactly the same as the Viagra that is used by men. When a woman takes this, it has many unpredictable and very unstable effects on the body. The nitric oxide is the key chemical which does increase so it would lead to a penile erection and help harden in the man, but this leads to many different and very hazardous effects in the women. Some clinical effects that happened after the usage of the woman's Viagra included cardiovascular disorders, intestinal and the digestive disorders, headaches and many other related issues. Patients who had been using the woman's Viagra had some very damaging issues which then led to them undergo many thousands of dollars of therapy in order to reverse all of the negative issues that were brought to them by using this drug.


The woman's Viagra has been negatively advocated and restricted by the very large companies and the reputable labs due to increasing damages it has caused to the women. The women are not just from all of the different states but they are also from around the world like places of Europe and Asia. These women have testified about the damages and hazards that have been created by use of the woman's Viagra. Unlike the Viagra that is for the men, there is no sexual enhancement or even simulation effects. They have adverse and very unpredictable effects. The ads and commercials that are regarding the woman's Viagra should defiantly be banned since the there are unproven ideas in its presents to all of the consumers. The laws that are regarding the defective medicines should also specifically address these issues created by the woman's Viagra. The law agencies and the other authorities have started monitoring the very strict restrictions for these defective medicines that do include any use of fake woman's Viagra.

What You Need To Know About Female Viagra

In the actual sense, men do not joke with their erection as they generally believe that it is a sign for overall health and wellbeing. A man without erection when aroused or stimulated cannot see himself to be healthy. That is why men normally do everything possible to ensure they maintain good erection for sexual performance. This has resulted to the notion that men are always the cause of bad or unsatisfactory sexual encounter with their partners. But the truth is that sometime the problem is caused by women. Must women especially the ones at premenopausal stage normally have low libido which made them unable to get wet for pleasurable sexual encounter. In order to grant solution to this, female Viagra has been approved to be used by women. However, the approval comes with serious warnings about the risk associated with it which women need to be aware of before going ahead to use the pill.

Reason for Production of Female Viagra

The emergence of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder was the reason why Sprout Pharmaceuticals comes up with female Viagra known to be the solution to the problem. This pill is produced with ingredients that help to increase blood flow to the genitals to increase sexual design up to 25%. Really, according to proclamation of the association officials on sexual disorder, it was made to know that 1 out of 10 women in the United States are suffering from the defect. Indeed, the Flibanserin is another pill produced for treatment of the aforementioned condition but it is yet to be approved by the FDA.

Points to Note about Female Viagra Production and Approval

The truth is that production of this blue colored pill used to enhanced sexual desire in women has been taken very seriously by most pharmaceutical companies in the United States. For that reason, there is hope for women that are passing through this problem. The Chief Executive Officer of Sprout Pharmaceuticals by name Cindy Whitehead announced the effect of their support to all women that are presently passing through the defect. Even with the approval of the pill for women, audit remarks on the pill made it clear that the pill is not safe for consumption. More so, to reduce risk of side effect, women that are making use of the pill are asked to stay away from alcohol.

Despite the fact that most of the recorded side effect of female Viagra does not occur always, they could be dangerous mostly when you fail to consult your doctor of physician for immediate attention or even emergency response if necessary.

Some Side Effects Associated With Viagra You Need To Know

If you experience any of the following ensure you consult your doctor as soon as possible:

  • Extreme wooziness
  • Swelling, Redness or Blazing, on your eye
  • Stomach upsets
  • Change in vision such as blur vision, shade vision, problem looking at light, incomplete or brief vision disaster, or double vision

Does Female Viagra Truly Work?

The answer to this is yes as oodles of women have testified about the experience they had with female Viagra. Effect of female Viagra is similar to the same way men own do work which is increase in blood flow to the private part like Vagina and breast during sexual arousal but with little different as women react different to sexual stimulation from men. Since anyone can desire to enjoy sex whether young or old, the drug is produced for every woman that is having problem with sexual drive and not just those at pre or post menopausal stage.

Viagra (sildenafil citrate) for Men

Viagra is a medicine prescribed for the treatment of impotence or erectile dysfunction in men. This works by increasing the flow of blood to the penis aimed at helping an individual to not only get an erection but also sustain it when stimulated or aroused sexually. The active ingredient in it is sildenafil. It is one of the popular treatment for the impotence or erectile dysfunction in the world.

Medication Works for Women as Men

Does Viagra work for women?

There hasn’t been any medical evidence as to if this medication works for women as men in the treatment of sexual dysfunction in women. However, some anecdotal evidence has proven that this medication is responsible for the improvement of sexual pleasure and in male and female, they function differently. In men, the real issue is the inability to get and sustain an erection and using this medication helps in increasing the flow of blood to the penis. Although, this is in combination with some sort of sexual stimulation. This helps them in having a full penetrative sexual intercourse.

Sexual dysfunction, especially in women, differs from lack or total loss of libido to dyspareunia (painful sex) to vaginismus (muscle spasm). There isn’t any general research on the correct effects the medication has on women, so it is not clear if it is safe for women to use. If there is no need for erection, no reason may suggest the effectiveness of this medication in treating sexual dysfunction in females.

Effect of Viagra on women

Presently, the exact result of using this medication by women is not known. However, some have the belief that it helps in increasing the flow of blood towards the female genitalia and aids the enhancement of sexual pleasure in females. According to a study on if taking this medication helps in increasing the sexual pleasure derived during sex proved an increase in sexual satisfaction during the first trials. Nevertheless, these studies are inconclusive and need further research to ascertain the effectiveness of this drug in females. The short-term or long-term side effects have not been known, therefore proper medical testing is required.

The sexual satisfaction is the ultimate goal when it comes to enjoy physical interactions. For centuries, medicines and other products have been developed to enhance the libido of women. One of the recently developed medicines is the female Viagra of Pfizer Company of medicine. It is quite similar to the normal Viagra except it has been designed for women.

Chemically, it is composed of the same substance, Sildenafil, as of Viagra, it acts to raise the blood flow to the female external genitals and thus cause an enhanced lubrication of the related tract and improve the sensory function of the lubricated walls of vagina simultaneously. It is capable of refining the sexual feelings up till the climax for as long as four hours continuously.

Women who suffer from FSAD, female sexual arousal disorder are prescribed female Viagra as a treatment. FSAD is cured in a way that female Viagra when taken orally increases the testosterone level in the body of the woman and thereby improves female libido. Female testosterone levels fall gradually with age but this fall of the hormone can be counter acted upon by recently developed female Viagra. It is an efficient libido enhancer for elder women.

Female Viagra is an effective remedy for women suffering from the adverse aftermath of menopause. The postmenopausal period is frequently characterized by depressed sexual drive, low lubrication of genitals and an unresponsive behavior to sexual stimulation. The medicine is developed from herbal ingredients to create a sense of desire in women for pleasures in physical interactions.

Female Viagra is to be taken approximately 45 minutes before engaging in physical interaction and the effects of the single pill could last for four to six hours. The medicine is designed to enable the women experience multiple orgasmic climaxes in a single session. Female Viagra is available from our online pharmacy with dosages of 25mg, 50mg and 100mg tablets but usually, 50mg dosage is prescribed. Elder people are preferably prescribed 25mg tablets.. The medicine is strictly prohibited with the dosage of more than one pill per day.

Women have their uterus excised in case of related cancer. In such cases, the sexual drive and desire are significantly reduced resulting in unresponsiveness to stimulation. Female Viagra is the right medicine for hysterectomy, removal of uterus, for these women. It would resume the sexual desire and would further enhance physical performance by extraordinary and frequent orgasms.

Nitrate containing drugs are strictly prohibited if you are taking Viagra. The combination of both drugs could lead to severe hypotension and dizziness or even unconsciousness. Alcohol is to be avoided while taking Viagra as it may exaggerate the otherwise suppressed side effects of the pill. Consult your doctor if you suffered from stroke, hypotension, renal impairment or liver disorders prior to taking the medicine.

Appropriately taken, Female Viagra would lead to consecutive climaxes and enhanced lubrication of the genital tract. The exaggerated sensations while engaging in sexual interaction can be experienced by female Viagra. The pills could be ordered directly from our online pharmacy store. We ensure best quality of female Viagra for our visitors to buy online. Ease yourself at home while ordering the pills from our website and experience the new horizon of libido with female Viagra.

What About Women’s Mental Health Care?

Viagra which is a little blue pill for men is a treatment for erectile dysfunction, and while it is not approved by the FDA for women, a lot of women still take it off counter. The blue pill however, doesn’t work for all women which is what necessitated the pink pill.  »»»»

At the age of 45 to 55, reproductive system undergoes changes due to the decrease in the secretion of sex hormones estrogen and progesterone. It is called climacteric. In females, climacteric is accompanied by menopause.  »»»»

At the age of 45 to 55, reproductive system undergoes changes due to the decrease in the secretion of sex hormones estrogen and progesterone. It is called climacteric. In females, climacteric is accompanied by menopause.  »»»»

Female sexuality is drastically affected by emotional state and, of course, depression. Two in every ten women is having hypoactive sexual desire disorder characterizing immensely reduced responses to sexual interaction. While developing an effective antidepressant, the drug under the investigation of Boehringer Ingelheim pharmaceuticals was found to increase sexual responses in females rather than to act simply as an anti-depressant. Clinical trials were performed and the efficacy of the drug in enhancing female sexuality was verified.  »»»»

Times have changed today. The lifestyle is not so simple as it used to be. We are living in technological ages which have brought the best of science and technological advances for our benefit. To be able to fit into the new lifestyle we have got to strive to change according to the demand of the times.  »»»»

Within the next few weeks and months, many couples are going to say “I do”. It is therefore necessary that they invoke a health and fitness plan to help them get prepared. Before the big day most brides hit the gym to ensure that they look their best. They want to trim some pounds and look more gorgeous in the gowns. They are specifically keen on making an impression before their friends and to look good in the pictures. Such brides are keen to improve their image and hence some tips are necessary.  »»»»

Health requires personal discipline on doing various things. These things are not new things that one has to learn but they are the simple things that people do in their day-to-day lives. The important thing is how these things are done and not just doing them because they have to be done. First of all, there are some habits that individuals have to kick-off completely from their daily life routines if they want to live a healthy life. They include: smoking, drinking alcohol, use of illegal drugs, engaging in unsafe sex and other unhealthy addictions. The above-mentioned activities need to be wiped out from any individual’s lifestyle for a healthy life.  »»»»

When my returned from school today she was pretty excited for she was selected to participate in an inter school debate and the topic given was ‘if women’s beauty pageants are good for women’. Naturally like every other teenage girl, my daughter too was excited to at last get the chance to read up about every known beauty and model and write about them. Beauty pageants are associated with glamour and limelight which makes it an interesting and exciting option for every young mind. Now it was my turn to think about and I was surprised to see myself wondering if it was really good for women or not.  »»»»

When we think of beauty, we automatically recall in our minds the picture of a beautiful woman that we know of. Women and beauty go together always. In fact, beauty quotient is one of the basic characteristics that defines feminity.  »»»»

True Love Today

Since the beginning of human race, loving partners have expressed their love for each other through the process of sexual intercourse. The dark clouds of impotence cover the pleasures of intimate relationship with dark shadows of dissatisfaction. Continuous exposure to noise, unbalanced diet and emotional disturbances are the main reasons for the increasing complaints of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction renders men unable to enjoy the physical pleasures fully. Pfizer pharmaceuticals, a name of standard and trust in the drug production industry, is helping such men quench their thirst for sexual pleasures through the potent erection now made possible through the erectile action of its fastest selling drug known as Pfizer's Viagra. Viagra thankfully protects the pleasures of sexual intercourse from the evil blow of impotence.  »»»»

Are women just objects of beauty? Is this how men think of women? It is true that every man is conscious of and appreciative of a woman especially a beautiful woman. However a woman is not just a beautiful figure but much more than that. Women’s emancipation and empowerment has been the subject of focus of social activists for generations. The struggle of women activists to change the status of women in society, to empower her and to end the gender bias is a long permanent continuous struggle.  »»»»

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