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Bring Back Her Virtues And Make Her Beautiful

Are women just objects of beauty? Is this how men think of women? It is true that every man is conscious of and appreciative of a woman especially a beautiful woman. However a woman is not just a beautiful figure but much more than that. Women’s emancipation and empowerment has been the subject of focus of social activists for generations. The struggle of women activists to change the status of women in society, to empower her and to end the gender bias is a long permanent continuous struggle.

In recent times we can see that the globalization and urbanization has changed a lot of things for women. For one thing women of today are very conscious of their beauty and strive to maintain their beauty as well as figure. Healthy living has become every woman’s priority and economic empowerment has enabled her to focus on herself and her priorities.

Internet has paved way for real time activism and fight for women’s issues. Today women’s self help groups are able to come together in real time and address or counter issues that are faced by women on day to day basis. Visibility and instant access to the social networks helps highlight issues and garner attention as well as mobilize help where and when needed. The platform of social networks and instant messaging helps women network on a larger scale and build opinions on serious issues related to women. Access to information and spreading of news helps build visibility as well as education amongst women and others, sensitizing people to the problems faced by women.

If the status of women has to be improved, internet can become an enabler to help with women empowerment. When we talk of women empowerment, we are just not limiting to any one area of focus. From education, occupation, economic empowerment to social, health and self help areas can be covered through internet. Women in the rural areas and third world countries need support in all of these areas including addressal of socio economic and cultural factors. Internet is a low cost tool that can enable women to empower themselves in all of the above areas and find solutions to their day to day problems. Long distance education, online jobs, tele-medicine and tele-counseling are some of the internet based tools that can effectively help women to build themselves and equip themselves to face life’s challenges.

When we recall the picture of a beautiful woman, we often recall the picture of a beautiful mother who’s expression of love, kindness, tenderness and peace as well as smile. Today women’s beauty does not depict any of these virtues or qualities because the woman within them has been long since replaced by a warrior who is struggling with all odds. It is for us to bring back the harmony and peace in women so that they are able to give that cheer, peace and love unconditionally to all the others around them and make other’s lives beautiful. A beautiful woman is a beautiful mother who can touch many a beautiful lives.


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