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Good And Bad Of Beauty Pageants

When my returned from school today she was pretty excited for she was selected to participate in an inter school debate and the topic given was ‘if women’s beauty pageants are good for women’. Naturally like every other teenage girl, my daughter too was excited to at last get the chance to read up about every known beauty and model and write about them. Beauty pageants are associated with glamour and limelight which makes it an interesting and exciting option for every young mind. Now it was my turn to think about and I was surprised to see myself wondering if it was really good for women or not.

When we read about beauty pageants and the stories of all the contestants one really wonders if there is any beautiful at all about the entire event. There seems to be too much of undercurrents, political overtones, personal favoritisms apart from the contestants fights for winning and the ugly competition amongst them etc. The real background of the beauty contests are ugly and there seems to be nothing beautiful about them.

The idea of beauty contest must arise out of the natural inclination of the females to exhibit their beauty and body and the instinct of men to watch and appreciate the beauty. This is but a biological rhythm of nature that is instilled in every species. In the society over time people have invented a more interesting way of holding beauty pageants. But the contests seem to pick out and declare one woman as the most beautiful while the others are run down. Actually this does not make sense because every woman is beautiful in her own way. Secondly the criteria of selecting the most beautiful contestant is based on the body vital statistics referring to the hour glass figure and well endowed bodies as well as the oratory and other skills of the contestants. This again seems superficial because beauty is something that is beyond just the body and the mind. Sharp mind does not reflect the beauty of the person but reflects the intellectual ability and the faculty the person is endowed with. The beauty of the body has more to do with the statistical perfection and the sensuality and not necessarily the beauty of the individual. The real beauty of the individual can only be seen through the soul qualities of the individual and from the abstract joy and happiness felt by the observer.

The particular aspect of women’s beauty is an abstract concept and needs to be elaborated and understood clearly. With most of the beauty contests, the concept of beauty is forgotten in the exhibitionistic process and the attention seeking and commercial interests of the organizers as well as the contestants.

Do beauty contests serve any good purpose?. The debate next week will certainly bring out the facts and myths about the beauty contests and tell us whether it is good or bad. For a mother like me, beauty contests are certainly bad because it has a negative influence on my daughter and gives her a skewed picture of women’s beauty.


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