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Is There True Love Today In Our World?

If you are asked to choose between Love or sex what would your answer be? Well we can very well guess that with most men the answer is likely to be sex in the first instance. But of course all men are not the same. There would be quite a few who would prefer to go for Love and give second preference to sex.

The answer would depend on a lot of factors. First and foremost the age of the individual would determine his preference. Youth and young men would definitely wish to opt for sex as their first preference. When it comes to marriage however, they would like to opt for love and sex too. Men who are in their middle age would perhaps think twice before committing and opt for love as the long lasting recipe to a happy life.

The basic fact remains that love is the basic fabric of human existence. This is true not only for us the humans but to all living beings as well as nature. We are always giving and receiving love in one form or the other. Man has been endowed with heart and feelings as well as intellect, thinking and reasoning capacity. By exerting his will power and using his discrimination he is able to make the right choice that will give him peace and happiness in the long run as in the case of love and forgo the temporary satisfaction and delight that sex provides.

All said and done, mankind is always driven by sexual drive. This is true of men of all ages and civilizations. The basic format of nature is that it propagates sex in order to ensure continuity of life and creation. In a sense we can say that sexual instincts and drive operate at a base and physical level in men while love operates at a higher soul level. Those who do not understand the distinction between the two are likely to walk down the road to unhappiness. Sex no doubt gives pleasure to the individual. When he begins to indulge in excessive sex, he ends up abusing his body, inviting diseases as well as losing his vigor and energy. Besides sex is no substitute for the feeling and satisfaction that love brings into one’s life.

Loving another person is like finding god and seeing god in the other person. Love brings with it a lot of other qualities including self sacrifice, respect, trust, faith and caring for the other human being. These qualities of love make one’s life positive and happy. The basis of true love is not in being selfish and looking for something in return. True love demands that you be ready to give up everything including the relationship in order to make the other person happy and to prove your love. When you love another person you are willing to sacrifice anything and your aim is to make the other person happy even if it means that you remain unhappy and make sacrifices that may not be in your best interest.

True love is rear in today’s world and times.


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