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What About Women’s Mental Health Care?

World over a lot of focus is paid to women’s health issues. The health of women is crucial not only for herself but for the wellbeing of her family and children who are dependent upon her as well as the society as women form a major resource as well. In under developed countries, governments with the aid of NGOs and international organizations have been striving to set up primary health care services at all places. In developing countries too women’s health care is largely provided by the Government. In the developed economies however the women’s health care is managed not only through the social security systems but with the help of medical insurance. In these economies women have got to provide for medical insurance coverage year on year. In many cases the employer provides for medical insurance coverage. In other cases, people need to subscribe to insurance cover on individual basis.

Women’s health care needs are different from that of men and children. Women have different medical needs that demand medical attention at different times in life. Starting with puberty women need gynecological attention with regard to conception, pregnancy and childbirth as well as menopause. Apart from these biological processes, women are prone to other problems arising out of high cholesterol, hyper tension, diabetes, thyroid and related conditions. Many battle chronic ailments like cancer, heart disease, asthma, arthritis and obesity etc. Majority of women are covered under medical insurance and are habituated to seeking quality medical care through one or more medical practitioners regularly. With the highest quality of medical care that is available today, battling cancer and winning is no longer a challenge for women.

However, the area of concern is to do with the mental health of women in these countries. The number of mental problems and cases reported from amongst women is increasing by the year. The awareness of women’s mental healthcare is not sufficient and the concept of seeking counseling help and treatment on preventive and regular basis like the regular medical health checkups is not yet in vogue. The causes attributed to the increasing mental health problems faced by women fall into the category of financial worries, work related stress, family and marital relationship problems, loneliness and stress and anxiety faced due to the fast paced lifestyle. Mental health and stress is seen to manifest as physical problems like thyroid deficiency, diabetes, obesity and chronic fatigue etc.

With the increasing reach of internet and social media networks and other multi-media channels, mental health care awareness can be effectively provided to reach a larger audience of women. Working to improve the mental health of women is essential and beneficial. The physical health and well being largely depends upon the mental health of women.

The life’s challenges and problems have existed and will continue to exist for one and all. However with the right attitude towards life and with the help of regular counseling women can battle their mental problems like depression, suicidal tendencies as well as correct their personality problems and attitudes. Good mental attitude and health begets good physical health and wellbeing of the family too.

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