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Woman, Thy Name Is Beauty

Some students in American universities have been researching on Beauty. At the outset you may wonder if this is a serious subject worth studying at all. But you will be surprised to know that human beings are and have always been bothered about beauty since times immemorial. The concept of beauty has influenced our way of life, our dressing, our behavior and thought process. In fact we look for beauty in everything that we do, in our thoughts, in what we see, what we eat, drink, wear and feel. When we think of beauty, we automatically recall in our minds the picture of a beautiful woman that we know of. Women and beauty go together always. In fact, beauty quotient is one of the basic characteristics that defines feminity.

It is not that the concept of beauty is limited to women alone. We look for beauty in men too but it is defined differently in the case of men and in women. In case of men, beauty is expressed as handsome and identified in their body build and more in their character exhibiting valor, physical strength and prowess, intelligence as well as their libido.

In the case of women, the term beauty happens to be an expression of celebration of womanhood. Beauty in women has many shades and levels. There is beauty of looks meaning the physical form. Even in the physical beauty of the female form, we can relate to various aspects. First thing that one notices in a woman is her face. Facial features especially the eyes, lips and nose make up for the beauty of the face. Along with the physical features of the face we happen to notice the eyes which happen to be the window to the soul. Even the smile is laced with the inner beauty of the person.

After recognition of the facial beauty, the observer automatically notices the body features of the beautiful woman. The female body is a measure of beauty as well as of inbuilt sensuality. The curves and the different body parts are most treasured assets of the female form. One important aspect that we need to recognize herein is that the beauty of the physical body is not only cherished by the onlookers but by the self too. The individual self likes to be beautiful in every sense of the term. Every woman likes to have a beautiful face and more importantly a beautiful body that is well sculpted and attractive to the others.

Women are beautiful creatures and they seek to cultivate their beauty in body as well as in thought. The body language of the woman, her sensuality, her looks and her awareness of herself are all aimed at expressing her beauty which is instinctive. Beauty in women has no age. Women of all ages want to look beautiful at all times. As women grow older, they strive harder to remain beautiful.

Women’s beauty is the cause of billion dollar cosmetics industry, fitness and wellness industry as well as clothing and jewellary industries. It is really amazing to think that we have several industries that cater to making women beautiful. Woman, thy name is Beauty.

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