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Women, Change With The Times

Times have changed today. The lifestyle is not so simple as it used to be. We are living in technological ages which have brought the best of science and technological advances for our benefit. To be able to fit into the new lifestyle we have got to strive to change according to the demand of the times. The changes that one needs to make include the thought process, our lifestyle as well as with regard to managing our external environment as well.

Take the case of finance management. The new trends in banking and economy have forced us to change our thinking. People in the older generations used to value land to be the prime wealth creator. The people of the previous generation valued their job that gave them a fixed salary and savings to be the wealth creator. Today’s generation dabbles in real estate, stocks as well as various investments as wealth creator. With changing times, the external economy too changes forcing us to change our thought pattern too.

In the case of health care too there is a need for people and especially women to change and bring themselves up to date with the current times. Gone are the days when women would think of seeking medical assistance only to do with their pregnancy and childbirth and the rest of the times used their grandmother’s home remedies or suffered with lifelong ailments. With the advancement of science and technology especially in the field of medical care, preventive medicine and health care is proving to be a boon for women. Advanced diagnostic tools and tests are able to ascertain the possibilities of health risks in women and help prevent their occurrence through targeted therapies.

What is required for women of today is to get into the habit of going for medical health checkups and reviews regularly. A woman’s needs for medical care differs with age. Normally girls attain puberty from around twelve years of age. Teenage girls up to the age of marriage would need medical guidance and assistance with regard to their nutritional needs, awareness about sex, practices of safe sex as well as conception and abortion etc. Knowledge of AIDS/HIV infections and other STD that one contracts through multiple sex partners and unsafe sex are also important information to be known by girls at this age. Fertility problems and problems associated with menstrual cycle too form an important part of the medical health assistance that would be required at this age. Post marriage, women will need medical assistance and help with conception, pregnancy and post pregnancy care as well as family planning etc. As women cross 40s, their needs change and the medical care needed for menopause and other health problems arise. Post sixties women will have to battle with several health issues which are age related and various diseases that they might fall prey to.

At each of these stages, medical advice and preventive care helps women deal with and manage their health better. Every woman will have a family medical history and some chronic disease or condition which makes her susceptible. Though one cannot change the genes, it is possible to prevent and reduce the risk of contracting such diseases with the help of changes in lifestyle. Timely medical and health care guidance can help women manage themselves better.


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